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Tigard Physical Therapy

Tigard Physical Therapy

Your Health is in Our Hands

  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Return to the activites you love.
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Licensed massage therapists are on staff who provide deep tissue massage
    and myofascial release techniques.
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Video gait analysis and custom foot orthotics are available.
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Modalities are used for pain control and muscle re-education.
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    "Your Health is in Our Hands"
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Enjoy life to the fullest, pain free.
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Exercise equipment available in our full service gym at Boom Fitness.
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Return some peace-of-mind to your life with our pain reduction and relaxation techniques.
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Home exercise programs are a large part of our treatment philosophy.
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Learn exercise and form to improve your game.
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Core strengthening instruction to help improve back pain.
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Gait training instruction to allow patients to return to normal ambulation.
  • Tigard Physical Therapy
    Licensed Physical Therapists provide one-on-one exercise instruction tailored to the patients'
    individual injury and recovery goals. Emphasis is placed on form and structuring
    a program for independent exercise.

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Your Health Is In Our Hands

The staff at Tigard Physical Therapy believe in treating the whole person with the goal of promoting a healthier lifestyle for our patients.

Our therapists are highly experienced in outpatient physical therapy treatment and are manually trained, meaning we use a “hands-on” approach in our treatment methods.

Manual therapy encompasses a strict diagnostic approach and treatment can include joint mobilization, joint manipulation, and soft tissue treatments, such as myofascial release, nerve mobilization, and trigger point release. Manual treatments are integrated with active exercise therapy.

We encourage our patients to sustain their improved health by encouraging lifestyle changes. We offer post-treatment workout facilities for patients to utilize at their convenience which allows us to monitor patients as they transition to a home/gym exercise program.

Tigard Physical Therapy, Inc. is privately owned by Lynne Marshall-Brook, MS PT, OCS, LMT.

Our Mission

  • Deliver evidence-based, quality physical therapy services in a caring and positive environment.
  • Teach our clients about their disabilities and provide appropriate education for self-care strategies.
  • Supply the tools for our clients to manage their symptoms after discharge.
  • Treat our clients as whole persons, take into account their needs as individuals, and tailor their treatment accordingly.

We are here to provide you with the best of care.

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